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Well I took a road trip last week that went very well. The best part was when I got off the interstate and took the back roads because driving in Florida sucks.

My first stop was at Dade Battlefield. Everything is looking good for our reenactment the last weekend of the year. (That is in 10 days.)

I stopped by the Florida National Cemetery and visited a few friends, like Chobee:

And David Moniac:

And here is what it says on the back side about Moniac:

On highway 90 east of the town of Madison, I found this historical marker about John Hicks.

The marker was right by the driveway of this very interesting looking historical house:

I wanted to visit Joe and Kim Davis in Monticello, but they are out right now and I did not see them. But west of town, don't miss the Letchworth Mounds:

Okay, the main thing I want to talk about is the Seminole exhibit in the Florida Museum of History, so I will start that as another journal entry.
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