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more squirrel talk

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I just let my flying squirrel loose for about an hour. The name right now is Stubby, the three-legged flying squirrel. He sure gets around good, though.

He was quite friendly tonight, running around the table, computer desk, and even dropping on the floor a few times.

I cleaned out some of the empty peanut shells from his box while he was out here exploring. Half the box is his stash. I have heard that compost generates heat, so I am wondering if they also have the big stash in their nest as another layer of warmth in the winter, besides the midnight snack.

I will have to stock up on food before Dade Battle reenactment since last trip up north he didn't care for the long ride. Dade Battlefield actually has other flying squirrels, so if he hears them with their loud squeaks at night, he might learn to do the same thing, and I won't ever get a quiet night here again.

Flying squirrels have very loud squeaks that can be heard up to a mile away. Most people mistake them for night birds. For some reason I have not figured out yet, Stubby does not make these loud squeaks. He is a very quiet fellow, other than at night when he chews on the pine & oak branches that I put in his cage. I don't mind him climbing around at night or chewing on the branches, because that is what they do. A sign of a healthy squirrel.
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