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randomness thoughts

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I have a few random items to mention. I will probably not post again until after Thanksgiving weekend is over, since I have plenty to do in the next week. The park has definitely picked up a lot of snow birds.

The state Museum of History in Tallahassee has an exhibit on Seminoles that has some dynamite displays. Fingerweaving, beaded bags, 6 different coats, ect... The display is temporary for the next six months, so check it out if you are up there. The museum is free, so there is no excuse not to see it. Some things are from the museum collection, some from the Seminole Tribe and elsewhere.

On the same day Govenor Crist signed an agreement with the Seminole Tribe for the Tribe to upgrade their casinos and the state to get some of the profits. It was a take it or leave it offer, because the feds would have let the Seminoles have the gaming anyway without the state getting anything if an agreement was not reached, so the tribe had the higher advantage in the negotiation. The state will get $50 million now, $100 mil next year, $150 the third year, and ten percent after that. The State of Florida did not get as much as other states, and that is because the Seminoles are one of the more experienced tribes with gaming in the last 30 years. The state legislature is still crying foul and said they should have been part of the process, but there is no precedence to allow this. It is really good to see the Tribe get the upper hand in this, but now everyone wants the money. At the way things are going, maybe the tribe will buy back Florida one of these days.

Maybe the state can put this new money that they are getting towards state parks and museums that bring in a lot of tourism dollars. We have a board walk that is 27 years old and a dock that is 40 years old that are both falling apart. We would have likely gotten money to replace these if the state didn't put the big squeeze on the parks and museums this year. As it currently is, we can't even pay our utility bills for the whole year. If only the governor would realize that people like to visit parks and museums and this makes the state look good. But we can't do it without funding or support.
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