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We went to the South Florida Fire Council yesterday, held at Brighton Reservation near Okeechobee. The hosts (Seminole Tribe/Brighton Rez) were generous, but with more people showing up than they expected, they had to cook up more lunch than they were planning. This makes it difficult when you are only planning for 60 and 100 shows up.

We saw a lot of friends and people we haven't seen in a while, which was very nice.

The whole program shows you the difference between good and bad speakers. The worst was a guy who did a powerpoint presentation that nobody could read because it was a brown background with purple letters that didn't show up very good on the wall of they gymnasium. And it included bar charts that nobody understood. Pie charts would have been better, but it was information that we looked at and said, "so what?" Then the best presentation was a guy from NOAA/Nat'l weather service in Miami who used no overhead displays. That is interpretation for you!

I cleaned out the flying squirrel cage and he was pretty active exploring his new clean cage. I put in a new nesting box that he absolutely hated and refused to go inside, so I had the hunt around and experiment with a couple other boxes until I found one he likes. He is a pretty particular squirrel! I put in a branch that I found on the ground with a small, dried, grassy bromeliad on it. He climbed up on the stick and started burying acorns in it! And interesting thing I noticed about flying squirrel are that they like to carry acorns in their mouth by holding onto the point on the bottom.
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