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Vets Day, Squirrel Update

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I tried to get a few digitals on my new camera of Stubby. Unfortunately he went into a mini-hibernation for a few days when the temperature dropped, and stayed in his box. I would open the box, he would peak at me, and curl back up and pull the covers over himself. Last night he came out and was playful again, but he moves too fast to get a clear shot of him. So here is what I got while experimenting with the new camera:

This is Subby's nesting box. He is curled up as a little brown ball. He will curl his tail around his body.

I got him to peak his head out, but he didn't do any more than that and curled up again.

Here I am on Sunday morning for the "Soldiers of the Past" historic timeline at the Veteran's Day ceremony in downtown Naples.

It was a borrowed coat and missing the top button, so I could not get that collar to stand up.

At the ceremony, they honored Brandon Gordon, a fallen soldier who was an Army Specialist killed in Afganistan last February. His parents and family were there at the ceremony.
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