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Fort Kissimmee

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Someone who visited my website says that Fort Kissimmee has been located in northeast Okeechobee County.

If anyone has information about this, an article in the FAS journal, or newspaper article, I would love to see it.

That is not too far from Fort Drum, so I wonder if there is a mistaken identity?

I had Fort Kissimmee listed in Highlands County along the Kissimmee River. I would think that the fort would be near it's namesake river. There is a Fort Kissimmee Cememtary along the river in Highlands County, in the Avon Park Bombing Range; it is part of the Florida Trail. (Hiking/backpacking trail.)

According to Dr. Julian Granberry, the word Kissimmee is from the Calusa language, meaning "Long Water." The Seminole have a legend of how the river was formed by a giant snake, and you can hear it on James Billie's CD's and stories. It is a common story, and the Creek have similar legends for some of the rivers in Alabama.

Dr. Granberry went on further to state that the Calusa language appears to be the same as the Tunica language, from what he has seen while looking into old Spanish records of some of the word translations. The Tunica were moundbuilders on the Mississippi in what is now Louisiana/Arkansas. And probably closely related to Natchez. Dr. Granberry knew the origin of the word Kissimmee, but was taken by surprise one day when he saw a Seminole tribal member on TV also explaining the origin of the word. I think now people are more seriously considering that a remnant of the Calusa became Seminoles and Miccosukee.

If anyone knows more information about Fort Kissimmee, I would love to see it. I am always willing to see new evidence and change my opinion if needed.

My views and opinions on a lot of things have changed in the last four or five years due to some interesting events in my life, but I will save that for another time if I ever feel like sharing it.
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