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State Quarters--the Worst and Favorites

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We can now go on the internet and see the remaining state quarters that are due out next year, so it gives us an idea of what a complete set will look like. My favorite for next year is Arizona, a state I actually lived in for about two and a half years.

When I was in Hollywood, Florida, the other day, I acquired the latest state quarter that I have found. Wyoming. This Wyoming quarter has the be the worst of the whole 50 states. Why? Because it is the only quarter with the whole image in silhouette. No detail at all. Some of the other proposed entries for Wyoming had the same design but with detail, but I guess they wanted to go with the worst one of the bunch. Too bad.

And I don't want to show Utah because from a distance it looks like a phallic symbol. But I think that fits for Utah. Then there is what some people believe as the curse of the state quarters, which I decided to skip talking about here.

But the worst ones aside, here are my other favorites from the other 50 states.

I lived in Alabama for two and a half years, and they had this interesting design of Helen Keller with braille writing.

California had John Muir. Many coins have plants, animals, or natural settings, so it was good a naturalist made it.

I thought Iowa was a really neat design here. This would be my favorite of the bunch, because it seems to connect with me on an emotional level. As an interpreter, I would give this one the A+.

And Maine hit it right with a lighthouse, just at the time of the lighthouse craze.

The Magnolia flower for Mississippi I thought was very well done.

And being from Florida, I can't forget my own state quarter. This quarter has the most advanced technology displayed on any state quarters with the space shuttle.

And if you know me and have read this blog, you can guess why these two other proposed quarters from Florida were among my favorite designs. I voted for the Everglades one, although I knew it probably wouldn't make it. I had guessed right on the one that did make it as the finalist.

A flamingo or manatee would have been nice too.

And among the other proposals that school students submitted, there were two that had Seminole Indians. One similar to the state seal design, and one a more generic variety. Unfortunately none of the state quarters feature American Indians. Except the last one Hawaii, which features a native Hawaiian.

And being that Florida is such a bizarre state, I really enjoyed these memorable submissions. One has no design but says, "Key Largo, Humphey Bogots w/fedora from the famous movie." Which shows that people perceive Florida more from an imaginary Hollywood image than reality. Even if they can't spell Humphrey Bogart. And a few snowbird themes, and the state of continual construction.

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