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Reserve "Sucking the Joy Out of Camping" America

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As state parks, all our reservations for camping have been outsourced to Reserve America (RA). I cannot begin to describe to you the problems that we constantly have with them. On the other side of the coin, are customer complaints about them, that you can read in http://www.reserveamericasucks.com .

They have a guest book that people sign telling their horror stories with working with RA. Some of the RA employees counter that by signing in and telling how wonderful things are with RA. And if there are problems with reservations, the RA employees blame it on the customers! So all these people complaining, I guess it is their fault. Unbelievable!

I am not even going to begin to tell about the technical, hardware/software problems that we have always had with RA.

So we did campground improvements. These were finished in early August. RA still has not cleared up their reservation system to take reservations again for the new campground layout. The maps are long done, so we have no idea what the holdup is. So people call RA to make reservations for the winter. RA is telling the people things that are just not true. One camper told us that the RA reservation clerk told us that we were closed due to hurricane damage. The next day another camper said that RA told them that we were closed because the park was on fire. None of which was true. Un-fucking-believable. RA totally sucks. All you other park rangers who have camping and have to deal with RA probably all agree.
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