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Hannah Monumentum

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The last few years the Disney Channel has put out some really great programs. I am talking about the live action kids programs, that turn out to be just as popular with adults.

I liked "Phil of the Future," but he didn't stay around in this time zone very long. That girl on "That's So Raven" is hilarious, and since I am a twin I also like "the Suite Life of Zach and Cody." Twins have to stick together! But the biggest hit on Disney has been, "Hannah Montana."

Disney came up with the right formula for a hit with Hannah. Not only does she appeal to the teen audience, but also to Mom & Pops with Billy Ray Cyrus on the show. It turned into the right formula for a mega-hit.

So, a church in Ft. Lauderdale area has a billboard on the interstate. The church is called something like, "Church on the Edge of the Everglades". Hannah is coming to town on concert, and the church is advertising free tickets. The membership of the church suddenly exploded exponentially.

That is a new way of getting people to church!
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