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Short-lived film careers of actors in bigfoot movies

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Robert W. Morgan produced a feature length film in the 1970s that appeared in movie theaters across the country, "In Search of Bigfoot." Here is my dvd copy I got off of ebay a couple years ago, which someone had found in Japan. I have since found another version of the same film, and it is now available for purchase from Robert himself.

Everyone was wanting the film to come out on dvd for years, but since Robert didn't own the copyright to it, he couldn't do it himself. The company that did own the copyright went down the tubes in the 1980s, and we didn't know if anyone owned it after that. After a long search, we finally decided that nobody owned the copyright anymore, so Robert is making copies and personally signing them himself. You can find more information to order if from him at http://www.trueseekers.org .

I found another version of the same film. It has several extra minutes of someone else's documentary, and splices on Robert's film after about 15 minutes. It is given a new title, "Bigfoot, Man or Beast?" You can get a copy of this through http://www.BijouFlix.com .

The "In Search of Bigfoot" copy that we got had a 30 minute panel board discussion about bigfoot by various scientists, skeptics, and flakes. We removed that portion from the film, so what you will get from Robert does not have that. I think it was from 1990 or something. It is very dry and boring discussion of people sitting around a table telling what they think, with the worst monotone dialog and no evidence of make-up where it is sorely needed. The worst part is that it features "Kewaunee" Jack Lapseritis the author of the book, "Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection," ponytail and all. ('Nuff said!) The only way you can see a copy of this odd little piece after the main feature is to get your Japanese bootleg copy off of ebay.

Now an interesting thing that Robert found out not long ago, was that his bigfoot lady Jane Goodall in the "In Search of Bigfoot" movie, Eliza Moorman, also had a short film career. She starred in a bizarre, surreal love story that had Tommy Lee Jones as a supporting actor in one of his first films. I just found a copy of this movie in the dollar dvd rack in Wal-Mart, "Eliza's Horoscope." One of the strange things is that all the characters in the film use their real names.

Eliza is definately a pretty girl in this movie, but if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have wasted my dollar on this dvd. It is just a weird ass movie of a girl trying to find love according to her horoscope, which leads to an Indian who wants to blow up a bridge in downtown Montreal, some guy on a boat with a weird fettish, and a cult group that worships zodiac signs while wearing black robes and eats shrooms. There are a few minutes of an interview of a Native American elder who tells what life is like moving onto the rez. (Which was actually very moving, but certainly out of place for this picture.) It is kind of like some guy who just got out of film school is using every trick he learned, throwing every idea he has for a film in one big production. Mix it all together and you have "Eliza's Horoscope."
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