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Well the weather is turning cooler, even if only a couple degrees. And we are getting a lot more rain, and catching up on the drought from this summer.

But we have had enough break from the rain the past few days that the water went down far enough for me to mow some grass. After coming back inside the house after I finished, I heard a rattling on the window, and thought it was a trapped dragon fly. It wasn't; it was a mangrove rat snake, about five feet long and the biggest one I have ever seen, trapped between the front window and the screen. Since the squirrel cage is near there, I can only imagine that is what he was trying to get at. I have no idea how the snake squeezed into the window, since the front porch built in the middle of the window prevents it from being cranked open. I had to take off the window screen to remove the snake, and threw him back out in the hammock outside.

The flying squirrel seems fine. I played with him for a couple minutes this morning about 4:30 a.m., which is when he likes to run around the cage. (As much as he can for a three-legged flying squirrel.) When I discovered the snake, he seemed unaware of the snake and was coming out of his nesting box to greet me. But after I evicted the snake from my house, the squirrel stayed in his box the rest of the afternoon and evening unless he wanted more food and water. But this morning he seemed playful and happy again.

One thing about flying squirrels, is that they can make a loud chirp that most people mistake for birds. You can hear their loud squeaks a quarter mile away. Curious thing about my squirrel, is that he has never made the loud squeak, even when I have a predator like the snake trying to get at him.

Well at least the squirrel is safe, nobody was killed, and things are back to normal.
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