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Okalee Museum

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Here is both sides of the brochure for the Okalee Museum. I just went there because the village behind the museum is now open. (More about that in a minute.)

The Okalee Museum is at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Resort in Hollywood, Florida. They had their grand opening last year. I had just never been able to visit when the village was open. The Hard Rock Resort is like Seminole Disney World, and very impressive. Parking in the garages is free.

Inside the museum is an impressive display of different patchwork.
And through August, is a letter written by the British governor of Florida about an agreement with Cowkeeper in the 1770s.

The village has a lot of animal displays. I liked the playful otters diving around their pool, and the lazy panther rolling on his back while getting some shade from the sun during a hot day. There were a few interpretive displays on identifying animal skulls and quick facts about animals--on par with a state park interpretive display. Although I did notice a couple mistakes on the Seminole War history--Major Dade is listed as Indian Agent. (It was Wiley Thompson who was killed on the same day as Dade.) Then again, I have been known to find things in museum displays about the Seminole War.

And a huge arena for alligator shows. (Not much chance of the first row getting wet--you know what I mean if you have been to Sea World.)

Entrance to the village is an extra $3.00 from the regular museum entrance. (I am an Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki member, so am use to flashing my membership card and going on in.) But the village was worth $3 in my opinion. Cages are new and clean, and interpretive displays are good.
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