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San Felasco Hammock

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Ok, as promised, here is what happened at the battle of San Felasco Hammock, on today's 171st anniversary.

The military force consisted of 100 mounted Florida volunteers, 25 local "gentlemen" which were probably Alachuca County local volunteers, and 25 regulars with a howitzer. Col. John Warren was commanding, who was also involved in several other Alachuca County battles. Col Mills was his second. They were tracking down Indians and Cattle in the area.

When they approached within three quarters of a mile of a hammock they received fire from the Seminoles. Seminole numbers and those involved are unknown. The chief on the Seminole side was shot off his horse, but it is unknown who he was or if he was injuried or killed.

None of the soldier deaths are reported although there were injuries. They said that the howitzer inflicted heavy casualties among the Seminoles, but all bodies were taken off the field and disappeared.

The battle had a standard right and left column, with a center column with the howitzer. What was interesting was that the Seminoles fought very bold and several times tried to out-flank the columns. Finally the artillery was the key factor that drove off the Seminoles.
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