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Soul Snatchers

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Here is a recent email that someone sent Robert Morgan about his upcoming book "Soul Snatchers." I agree with what Robert said, and wanted to share it.

Btw, the idiot skeptic Kal Korff said on Rob McConnell's internet radio show that Ingram Billie had no credibility, when Korff was criticising Morgan. Wrong Kal, ask any Seminole or Miccosukee down here, and they will disagree with you. And Kal, I don't believe that you are as credible as you claim.

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In a message dated 8/22/2007 4:08:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, clifton writes:

I'm looking forward to getting a copy of your new book Soul Snatchers. It sounds more like a paranormal book than a forest giant book to me, is that correct?


Not at all . .. it's a record of my experiences that were parallel to my seeking the truth behind the "mystery" that surrounds the Forest Giant people. That particular path ran parallel to and became an extension of the strictly scientific approach I had been following up to that point. Keep in mind that by 1970 I had already recruited a somewhat sophisticated Science Advisory Board of 14 men and women around America, most of whom had their doctorates. It covered quite a span, from Dr. J. Schoneberg Setzer, a theologian to, of course, physical anthropologist Grover Krantz and others who were his peer.

For instance, I had access and advice from Drs. George Agogino who was the director of the Paleo-Indian Institute, S. Dillon Ripley at the Smithsonian, Dr. J. Manson Valentine, and Dr. E. E. Hedblom, Captain, US Navy. Dr. Hedblom brought in and insisted that I use John Shelley's expertise.

However, added to these formally educated individuals was Ingram Billie, a Miccosukee medicine man - but before anyone draws a sneer, let me point out that digitalis and other heart remedies were brought to light to the AMA by his brother Jose Billie through the efforts of Dr. Julia Morton, a renown tropical plant expert.

One must also take into consideration that I already had personally logged over 5,600 total classroom hours in electronics, more than half of those at the FAA Academy studying the application of computers to air traffic control. When on duty (and by age 27) I had the maintenance and certification responsibility for the entire complex at the Washington DC ARTCC. This followed a total of 8 years with the US Naval Air Reserve including active duty aboard two aircraft carriers. I was quite familiar with aviation; I knew what was an airplane and what was not . . .

That said, I believe I can say that I was fairly well prepared, well-educated, and well-staffed to conduct decent research into the subject at hand. This quest began with my own quite accidental encounter in the State of Washington for which I was ill-prepared and, at that time, quite ignorant (defined as "not knowing.)

As you see above, I attempted to correct that ignorance thanks to the advice and assistance of true experts. Still, the arrogant and self-imposed ignorance and limitations that the majority of humans place on what is real and what is fantasy (or honest error) appalled me.

However, the Soul Snatchers is the record of what happened after I had been introduced to a man who opened up other doors that were not "scientific" in the usually accepted sense. Nino Cochise was and remains a mystery in many ways; and quite controversial. However, my experiences with and through him are inarguably dramatic because he fractured the wall of self-imposed ignorance to that which goes beyond the realms accepted by both science and our cultures that refuse to accept the sixth sense. He helped me push beyond the limits I had been trained to accept as real.

Fine. Now it makes no difference to me nor, I assure you, to that "sixth sense" that we all possess, as it's being real.

The final member of my educational board (and I write that with a smile) was a refugee Tibetan lama whom I met in Moscow in the early 1990s. Indeed, lama T'ziang Rinpoche broke certain barriers for me so that I could glimpse beyond the self-imposed walls and barriers that our societies and religions have imposed upon us and that we have acquiesced to accepting as fact merely because of (a) mental laziness and (b) our fear of ridicule by those who remain ignorant by choice or through peer pressure.

Those folks, my friend, are the true "soul snatchers" because they seek to limit our knowledge and awareness of that which goes beyond their ken.

When (or if) you choose to read The Soul Snatchers, you will join me on my journey; I leave nothing out including my own foolish foibles. But perhaps you too will learn as I learned by trial, error, and by comparing truth over wishful thinking. The most dangerous (and saddest) error we make is accepting what others commend that we accept without proof. They overuse the term "faith." I call "having faith" as accepting something without tangible proof and that appears to form the basis of many of our self-described "faith-based" religions. No, I do not attack nor denigrate anyone or anything. Every human being as the right to do as they choose; however, throughout history we have had millions upon millions of humans cruelly slaughtered because they dared to "believe" something different. Now that baffles me.

Here is the main difference between folks like me and many others; I would not shun or criticize or imprison, torture, or kill anyone because they happen to believe something that I do not. That would be like an 8th grader beating up a 2nd grader because the younger child hadn't quite grasped arithmetic.

But then I take a hard look at the "teacher" who might stand by and allow that to happen. Hm! Why didn't that "teacher" step in and say "You shall not beat people up" in the name of education?

You see, to me, it matters not what we wish things to be; what is, is. What has been, has been. And what will be, will be - whether I like it or not.

Did I solve the riddle to who, what, and why the Forest Giants exist? Do I answer the question as to why humans refuse to acknowledge them? Well, let's put it this way: I share what happened and what I learned along the way. The conclusion must be left to the reader.

Fair enough?



Paranormal? I suppose one might have to include it

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