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Too Hot Here--Time to Give Up!

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It has been more than hot here. Seems like we are having days with the temperatures around 110.

So every year, I remember this time of the year and commemorate the end of the 2nd Seminole War on August 14, 1842.

Colonel Worth was given the go-ahead from President Tyler to stand down and declare the war over as soon as it was decided that things were peaceful enough to do it. This actually took about three months to cease the operations. But I wonder if the August heat had made up part of the decision to end the war?

"Heck with this heat! The Indians can have it!" Which I think is probably what the soldiers said. I am sure everyone was tired of it all by then.

The United States finally admitted that it was not possible to remove all the Seminoles from Florida.

There was still killings on both white and Indians side for the next year. There was still a few parties who removed to the west. And the war was not really over, because there was what was known as the "Panic of 1849" and the 3rd Seminole War 1855-58.

So hostilites did not really end for another 17 years, but it makes a good day to commemorate.
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