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Parks Hurt Bad by Budget Cuts

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We got our budget for this next year, and all that it covers is paying the bills, like sewer, water, electric. That is it for the whole year. If anything breaks down, it stays broken. No money for parts to repair it.

We have a dock that is 40 years old and about to fall down. We have boardwalk built in 1980 that is about ready to be closed because of being unsafe and needs to be replaces. We have no money to get these fixed.

No money for repairs also means that when a motorhome backs into a water spigot and breaks it off, then we have no money to fix it. If someone destroys something in one of the restrooms, no money to fix it. Bad for us, because we have several water lines or restroom repairs during the year. And since we do the repairs ourself, then we are only buying parts and it is not that much an expense, but still beyond our reach.

Truck breaks down or lawnmower breaks down and needs repair? Don't have money to fix those either.

I would guess that every other park is in the same situation.

Thanks, governor!
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