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10 things I have in common with Harry Potter

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As most everyone knows, the seventh and final Harry Potter book hit the stores last night. You can't avoid hearing about it on the news. It has become a new literary phenomenon. Maybe one of the most successful book series around. It is hard to think of any other series of books that have resulted in a long series of movies. Ian Fleming's James Bond is the only other one that I know of.

Ten things I have in common with Harry Potter. And in no particular order because there were a few that I had trouble coming up with.

1. Physical appearance: I have dark hair, wear glasses, and have a scar on my forehead.

2. I get along really well with owls. I have them nesting outside my window. I have talked with them on occasion, or more like they tell me things. I really thank them for warning me about the hurricane.

3. I have a night dwelling pet. Most of the Hogwarts' kids have an owl, cat, or rat. I have a flying squirrel.

4. I have seen ghosts, had ghost experiences, and had what the Seminole, Creek, and Choctaws all agreed was ghost sickness. Kind of changed my perspective on a whole bunch of things.

5. I lived in a dorm or barracks building in old Europe. And I enjoy having a non-American beer in an old world tavern.

6. I know someone who is a practicing witch. And we get along very well.

7. I have received some training to improve my psi ability and practice occasionally. Everyone is wired for psychic ability, but only a few ever know how to use it successfully since it is connected to the autonomic part of the brain. My twin sister is good at it too.

8. Experience with other non-human people. Earl will tell you about the little people and his moccasins. I've had experience with the giants in the woods. For all of these guys, they will avoid humans, which is why the world at large does not believe in them. But they are really good at pulling practical jokes.

9. Like Potter, I have robes and wear them too. Mine aren't black, but are Seminole style and come in many different colors.

10. And I mix up a lot of potions. Otherwise known as herbal tea. Sassafras, mint, and chamomile are ones I mix up the most.

So for me, I can relate to that Potter kid.
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