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4th of July

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I know that a lot of people want to get out on the 4th, but my park is just not the place. The mosquitoes have taken over, which is no surprise since it is the Everglades. They rain today will only make them worse.

One person called last Saturday, and asked that if the mosquitoes were bad yesterday, would they still be bad today? I would say they are probably even worse. It use to be that everyone knew that the mosquitoes are bad during the summer in the everglades. I don't know what is wrong with the current generation, why they expect it to be any different?

And these mosquitoes are different. They take long pants and repellent as a challenge, and bite through those anyway.

I will have brave campers come to camp, and I will warn them about the mosquitoes, and they will say something like, "It's okay, we're from Michigan." They soon learn that things are different here, and not all mosquitoes are the same.

There was a motorhome that drove up to camp. Now in a motorhome, you can stay inside the whole time and not have to be bothered by the mosquitoes. So you don't have to go outside at all. I told the people to have a look around first and pick out a campsite. But they said they were fine, and that the mosquitoes didn't bother them, with the usual line, "We're from Wisconsin." So I went ahead and gave them a campsite.

About 10 minutes later they are coming back to the office, ready to leave the park. They said that I was right, that the mosquitoes were bad. They took a refund and left. Some people won't believe you unless they experience it themselves.
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