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Alarm Hawk

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I have this red-shouldered hawk outside my window who starts screeching every morning as soon as there is a little light in the eastern sky. I am not sure if it is nesting or a juvenile. I call her my alarm hawk.

I was working on family genealogy records at ancestry.com . The Kimballs are a pretty good traced out family since a few went Mormon and are crazy about that stuff, so it is not that hard. Richard Kimball arrived in Massachusetts in 1634, so they have been spread out in the country pretty good. Here are a few interesting things:

Richard's grandson, also named Richard, had a commission from the King to trade with the Indians. (I think in Virginia.) That was a direct ancestor of mine, which is really cool. His brother and some the family were killed by Indians; also really cool.

Some of my other Kimball kin moved to Alabama in time to be killed by Josiah Francis at the same time as Fort Mimms but on the other side of the river in Clarke County. Some survived.

I had two ancestors who were in the Civil War on the Union side; one was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg. (Union screw-up because of Burnsides.) And I am somehow distantly related to Admiral Farragut, but very closely related to Edward Everett. (I already knew about Everett and the Roosevelts.)

And my Dad had a cousin by the last name of Kuiken who died nearby in Port Charlotte two years ago that we didn't know about.

There is a pretty hefty subscription fee for the website, but it has been as addictive as much as ben&jerry's ice cream.
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