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D-Day 63 years later

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I hope that everyone caught on the news yesterday that it was the 63rd anniversary of D-Day.

That means if a soldier who was 19-years old at the time, if he was still alive today he would be 82.

Many people have forgotten what it was. When I was growing up, you knew what D-Day or Pearl Harbor was. We had neighbors who fought in the war and landed on those beaches at Normandy.

D-Day can actually refer to all the allied landings during WW2 to end the Axis power hold on 3 different continents and in the Pacific. But most people know it as the operation to push back the Nazis in Europe and eventually defeat them 15 months later.

This was the biggest amphibious landing operation in the history of the world.

There are still five huge American cemeteries in France that have men buried there who died at Normandy and the push to the Rhine River.

As long as we are a country, these man need to be remembered.

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