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Niagara Frontier part 1--Ransom Clark Grave

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When I go on vacation, I usually see historic sites. This past week was no exception. I will show you more photos when the film developed.

I went to the 1812 Grand Tactical at Genesee Country Village in Western New York State, about an hour east of Buffalo, NY. More about the tactical when my photos get developed.

Only 13 miles from Genesee Village is a town / spot-in-the-road known as Wentworth. It is the final resting place for Ransom Clarke, who we are well acquainted with as one of the few survivors of Dade’s command. I will show the photos when the film gets developed. I honored his grave and left tobacco. As someone who portrays a Seminole warrior every year at the Dade Battle Reenactment, I felt it important that I give him honor in such fashion, and dressed in my reenactment garb. He was a brave soldier who was shot five times and crawled back to Fort Brooke on Tampa Bay, and lived a few more years to tell the story of Dade’s command. For anyone studying the history of the Seminole War, Frank Laumer’s two books, “Dade’s Last Command,” and “Massacre!” are two books that are required reading. I believe that being honored by the Seminole side would please him, and I imagine that I am the first to do so. Two years ago a VA marker replaced his tombstone, and his original marker was on display at Dade Battlefield this past year during the reenactment.
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