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HBO Last Night

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Last night I saw the movie on HBO, "Bury My Heart on Wounded Knee." If it comes out on dvd, I recommend it.

It made me think that everyone has an idea of what is best for the Indians. And even when they think it will be something that will help them and save them from extinction, the solutions make things worse, and the people end up fighting among themselves. The reservations and the allotments left people starving on land that you can't find any food, but freedom left you with no food and being chased by everyone too. It was a sad time in history for our country.

The story follows the Souix from Little Bighorn, to Wounded Knee and the ghost shirt movement, to allotment. About 20 years overall.

The best part was the battle at Little Bighorn in the beginning, with some realistic battle scenes and great aerial shots of the miles of lodges and Custer's men surrounded on the hilltop. It looked like you were really there looking at it all in a helicopter in 1876.
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