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Bloodstalkers! on the Loop Road!

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Back in the 1970s, budding movie producer Robert Morgan wrote, produced, and directed a film known as "Bloodstalkers" aka "The Day Daniel Died." Robert did the low budget film as a joke and to prove a point. The entire film's budget was $60k--you can't even do an episode of any TV show for that nowadays. Well to much of Robert's surprise, the movie has become a cult classic, and even won a few awards for best horror film ever made.

The movie was filmed on the Loop Road in Big Cypress, and parts of the community of Copeland. When I got to know Robert about six years ago, little did I know at the time that I would soon be living and working right down the road from these interesting places!

(Robert Morgan in the Everglades)

Well the film has a popular following, much to the surprise of Robert himself. So much, that an internet movie website made a deal with Robert to sell autographed copies of the movie on dvd. Robert will personally autograph a copy of your dvd, and to anyone you request. Robert mailed out 300 copies, right off the bat.

There are a few amusing stories that Robert has about filming. One was how he came to not only write, direct, and produce it, but also how come he plays the part of the main bad guy, Jarvis. The day before filming, the lead who was suppose to play the evil Jarvis, called Robert up and asked Robert to help bail him out of jail in Jamaica. Robert said forget it, because we don't have the money in the budget, and we start filming tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. So Robert got together the rest of the staff for a meeting of what to do, all the while fuming and being generally hostile over the dilemma on where to find a baddie in just a few hours. The rest of the staff agreed that Robert would be the perfect choice after watching his general hostility, and it became so.

Robert said, "Okay," but only on the condition that he didn't have a lot of lines to say, since he was already too busy making the movie. He only has three or four in the whole film. It turns out that is what really made the movie, with the silent killer.

Well back to modern times--the film has such a cult following, that a lot of people are begging Robert to do a sequel. How do your do Part II, when you killed off everyone in the first film? Doesn't matter--it's fiction and you don't have to be logical in a horror flick. In fact, it is even better if it doesn't make any sense! You can bring back the original cast and kill them all over again!

Since Robert has already announced this, then I think it is okay to mention it, that there is serious consideration to doing a sequel. And in the same locations! This area on the loop road is known for people who live outside the laws of man and the laws of nature, the closed-down gas station and former store, and people living out of abandoned school buses or a shed with a piece of plywood for a door. I told Robert that Pinecrest, the Loop Road, and Copeland are not looking any better than they were 30 years ago, and in fact may be worse off economically. Robert said, "That's great!" My mistake; I only made him even more excited about it.

I told Robert that I would love playing a slobbering, drooling, butt-ugly psychopath, since that would be the perfect part for me. I have been practicing on my own for that type of role for many years!

One more thing about Robert: He is a true, human being and very interesting to talk with. He has traveled the world to some interesting places, which he will detail in a few different books he is working on. What attracted me to him was that he and I have had lives almost paralleling each other, but 30 years apart. We have both lived in south Florida, southeast Arizona, visited places like Vienna, and know of the same characters and places. We have had an interesting assortment of characters to shape our lives and belief; some of whom we can't even mention for a variety of odd reasons. And Robert is a true Renaissance man who can talk on an endless list of subjects. We feel more at home with Native people of the world who are true human beings.

Robert with Ingram & wife, about 1980?
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On May 6th, 2007 01:17 am (UTC), seminolewar commented:
I got a copy of the movie, and it is hilarious! For a low-budget film, the acting and music is very, very good. It goes slow in the middle, but in the end of the movie, the bloodbath begins, and everyone dies!
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