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Updates, Indy, Fires, and such.

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The service for Indy yesterday was very moving. It showed just how many people’s lives were encouraged and enriched by Indy. What a great human he was. I like what Joe Davis said, that he was one of the few “large soul” individuals. There were about 300 people, and about 2/3rds were firefighters in dress uniforms.

Coming back to the park, I crossed over about 20 miles or more of burned out area along Alligator Alley. Once that grass gets burning in the drought season, there is almost no way of stopping it.

Then several miles before hwy 29, I saw a large fire in either Fakahatchee Strand Preserve or Picayune Strand State Forest. By the time I got on 41, it appeared to be in Picayune. The news at 9 p.m. said it covered about 3,000 acres.

Here is a link from the local news on the Picayune fire:

And a few miles short of the park I noticed another fire at my park. This second fire covered about 25 acres and was started when someone torched an abandon car on Miller Road. I had smelled smoke by there in the morning, but was not able to turn my head or look back because of the sharp bend in the road. There have been so many fires in the area that smelling smoke is not unusual. So forestry is working the huge fire north of us, and we are working a smaller fired trying to prevent it from spreading like a fire we worked last month. That one we were working on for two weeks. It is so dry that there are no barriers to stop it except for the burned out area where we had prescribed burns in January and February. Further east on hwy 41 are grassy marshes that are dry right now, which are part of the Ten Thousand Islands Nat’l Wildlife Refuge. They only have about two people who work for them and are not able to work fires. There is no rain in the forecast in the next week.
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