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I want to post some things about the First Seminole War since it happened mostly in April of 1818. I will hopefully get to that in a few days. This Saturday is an event at Fanning Springs; I think it is a historic timeline. That is something that could turn into a 1stSW event in the future. No, I will not be able to make it. I have to work instead.

I have not posted in the past week because it has been busy in the park. A large crowd showed up for the holiday. The Miami crowd showed up, which can be very trying for us sometimes. And like when that happens, we had our group from the sheriff's dept. show up at midnight to take care of a disturbance in the campground. Of course nobody told the park staff about that machete fight until the next day when it was too late to do anything. Then there was the canoers who lost a canoe in the river and left it there, and did not want to take any responsibility or the consequences that come with it. I would think that if I took their car and wrecked it, that I would be expected to pay for it. These are the times we live in, when nobody is willing to give a thought about the courtesy towards their neighbors, and will play their radio loudly all night and get as drunk as they can.

Then there are all that plastic easter grass, candy wrappers, and other plastic and paper debris around the picnic area. It looked like an explosion afterwards. There were so much tiny bits of trash that it will take the next hurricane to blow it all away. (We know this from experience.)

As you can see, this weekend about wiped me out. It will still be another week or so until I recover. At least this year was a lot better than last year. And this is actually a typical busy weekend at the park.
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On April 13th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
sorry to hear about the horrible people this weekend. hopefully you will find an escape from the mosquitoes! yes, i am planning on getting up to fanning springs sometime tonight...i think dottie wants me to portray timucuan, but i am thinking perhaps col. fanning himself. he was one of the main surveyors during the war, and while i dont know fanning specifically, i am getting the hang of surveying during that time period. ill find out in the morning...
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