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Collier County Festival Aftermath Report

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The Collier County Museum Old Florida Festival is now history for another year. I really enjoy this event because it has a history timeline where I can talk to other historical interpreters who cover other time periods than just seminole war. I keep wandering over to talk to Herman or Elizabeth at the Spanish era. Herman is knowledgeable on so many other subjects so we can ramble on and intellectualize.

I got in the chat room the other night, and the ladies were asking about Brian. Sorry, he has been happily married with three kids for a while now. And his younger brother Pedro will be hitched next month too. Maybe I need to stop putting up photos of other folks and get more glamor shots of myself to get some interest in me since I am still available.

Brian's son grew a magnificent looking orchid that kind of looks like a clamshell orchid. I do not know what kind it is because the source that Brian's wife asked about the name, only knew the latin name. I myself only try to use the colloquial names when talking about orchids, so it is easier for the non-latin speaking folks.

More on my next post (which will appear above.)
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