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Fort Cooper Reenactment

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We had a great time at Fort Cooper last week. This was the first event that I did in 1986, so I have wanted to go back, but have not been able to in the last few years. Well I made the effort this year.

This is one of the prettiest backdrops for an event, with scenic oaks around a lake with a sandy beach. This year there were lots of rabbits for wildlife. And there are always flying squirrels in large numbers squeaking at night. I saw a family of three deer when I took a walk around the lake. This area is getting developed quickly, and the wilderness outside the park is almost totally disappeared. So I am glad that these few acres are left.

The ticks have started to drop out of the oak trees, so if you go there now, you will have to really check yourself afterwards. I usually see the ticks dropping in April, and they are coming down earlier this year.

As for the park staff, I really thank Harry, Diane, and Ken for making a good time. There was a mix-up on food, but that was taken care of.

This event has two battles on Saturday and two on Sunday. That really makes our weekend go fast, and as soon as we are finished with the first battle, we are working on getting ready for the second one. We are all getting much older and slower, so maybe next year we will switch to only one battle a day. It gets really exhausting otherwise.

And with the battle, this is one where we have fun. And the audience enjoys it. On Saturday, after the volley, the Seminoles surrounded the soldiers and captured them. Then on Sunday when Major Cooper gave his speech at the end of the battle, all the line of Seminoles fell asleep.

Camping the weekend was, as always, quiet, peaceful, and uneventful.
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