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Gaines Report Delayed

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We have had a prescribed burn in the park that is still burning after 5 days. It has been very dry and will not go out. So I have been pulling a lot of long hours. Because of that, I have not been able to talk about General Gaines' expedition and Camp Izard. Now I am going to be out for about a week, but will save it for afterwards. I do want to talk about it, because it is a very interesting event.

And the website may get a new home. There is another university who may host it. And I will plan on adding more about the Creek wars to the website.

There were many officers with Gaines' command in February 1836 of 1200 men who wrote about and published their experiences. There were at least three books that came out that year from officers that were with the command. So it is a well-documented event. But one of the best accounts was not published until about 165 years later; the Henry Prince diary, "Amidst a Storm of Bullets."

The Prince diary mentions several things that were not in other accounts, which is what makes it unique. I started reading it again last night. He said that they were at Dade Battlefield for 3 1/2 hours, and described the remains of Dade's men and the burial. He said that Major Dade and Dr. Gatlin had been stripped. That could mean that their coats had been taken. I wonder what ever happened to Major Dade's coat? Dr. Gatlin's brother was with the 7th Infantry, and invented the Gatlin gun. Interesting was that the Gatlin gun was first ignored by the Army, and accepted by the Navy. In the 1890's the Army finally pressed a large number of Gatlin guns into service.

I will be at Fort Cooper this weekend, so stop by for a visit. Then I will be at Fort Clinch for about three days for park service blackpowder safety and artillery training. Maybe after that I can talk more about General Gaines' command, which I really want to do.
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