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William Augustus Bowles Portrait

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I got a phone call asking about this portrait by Thomas Hardy of William Augustus Bowles. The message was on my answering machine when I got home. I was unable to reach the party, so maybe they will call tomorrow, or read this blog.

This image appeared in the book "The Seminoles" by Edwin McReynolds, 1957. McReynolds used a photo provided by Mark F. Boyd of the Florida Historical Society. I am not sure where Dr. Boyd got the photo.

I was told by someone who saw the painting many years ago that it was with the Gulf Paper Company out of Tuskaloosa (sp?) Alabama. I have heard of them before, and they had a large collection of paintings that they collected of Native Americans, like copies of the McKinney-Hall prints.

After the company closed shop, the painting may have gone to the Bartlett or Philbrook Museum in Oklahoma. I am not familiar with either museum.

Hopefully the painting can be located. I have never seen it in color. Of course it can be difficult trying to track down a lead that is 50 years old, from information that is not verified and the source who may have been a young child at the time.

Does anyone else think that he looks like Jimmy Sawgrass?

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On April 11th, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Where the painting is...
This painting is now owed by the National Trust in Great Britain. It hangs at Upton House, near Banbury on the Oxfordshire/Worcestershire border.

It was purchased by the chairman of Shell Oil for his extensive art collection and then bequeathed for the National Trust.

If you would like to see a colour version of the painting I have a jpeg of it.

Please email - Christine.doyle@nationaltrust.org.uk.
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On April 20th, 2007 01:33 am (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: Where the painting is...
Let me apologize for not writing back sooner.
I would love to see a color copy of the painting.
The curator I talked with at the National Archives in Washington said that the painting looks beautiful.
The copy that I posted was in a book on Seminole history from a photo by Mark Boyd, who was active in the Florida Historical Society back in the 1950s.
Chris Kimball
FLATERRITORY (@) yahoo . com
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