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Big Cypress Weekend

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Well, if I said it was a great weekend, that would be an understatement. We were at the Seminole Reservation for the annual shootout event. The food was good, and the weather was great. Many of the people slept in the chickees, but we braved it under our shelters for some perfect sleeping weather. We even had a large number of soldiers show up.

We have been coming to Big Cypress Reservation doing the shootout since 1999. I am greatly humbled to think that the tribe is letting us come on their land and dress up as their ancestors, and hold a battle reenactment. I don't know any other tribe in the country that does this. They make us feel like family with the generosity we have been shown.

Many of us who do this have been living in the Florida outdoors and have adopted the Seminole ways as our own. That is a whole other discussion for another time. But we have come to understand the people and accept what comes with following the Seminole way or Nenne Hofune, the traditional road. If you follow the traditional ways, you have to accept what may come with it, which is often beyond the modern society beliefs and practices.

Now here is the thing that totally blew me away about this event this weekend.
Earl and I were at the camp on Saturday evening, when several Seminole children came up and asked Earl to tell them a story. Wow! The children asking Earl to tell them a story from their culture. And then, Earl and I started to talk to the kids about some of the things that have happened to us and the non-human people that we have had dealings with. And the kids knew exactly what we were talking about and were familiar with the same ones. The feelings I have to be able to talk to them as if we were family is beyond what I can describe here.
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