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Update, though slow at these recently

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The festival last weekend at Collier-Seminole State Park went very well. Temps were cold, and very windy on Sunday. Nancy Whitewolf had ice on the car at least two mornings and a cup of water frozen on top inside her tent. I joked with her that she comes down from NE Fla to the Everglades and still can't get away from it. Other people thought that she brought it with her.

Food was plentiful. Everyone seemed to like the idea of a $5 coupon to spend at the food vendors. I had grouper one day and the BBQ pork the next. Some folks had gator, but I have had plenty of that down here.

The battle went well on Saturday, and Ralph Smith and his wife Marcella surprised us on Saturday by showing up. Marcella's mother is not doing well, and we didn't think they would come down, but they did to get out of the house and do something cheerful.

Thanks to Mike for helping out. Thanks to the 1838 scouts for helping roll blackpowder. We had a great story telling session.

There was a safety issue Sunday after the battle, but I will cover that in the next blog.

Sunday I had trouble with my musket, which was a problem since we were down to four muskets on our side. I think the high winds we were having kept blowing the sparks away from the pan.
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