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Website Going Down

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The server for my Seminole War history website is TFN, or Tallahassee Freenet. The last couple years the service has gotten worse and worse, and it looks like it was badly mismanaged. The email would go down for months, and I was forced to use the yahoo mail for my email address. The TFN web hosting and email became too unreliable.

I have just learned that TFN is shutting down for good on May 1st. So that means my website will be gone too. It has been an interesting ride, and I had the website for 11 years.

This blog is not under TFN, so it will remain.

As far as finding a new web host at this point, I don't have the time to locate a new host and design a whole new website. So right now, I don't plan on continuing the website.

Sorry for the bad news.

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