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Last night I did my program on Seminole clothing for the library on Marco Island. I have done several programs this year. People like to hear about the Este-Cate. This recent program had about 60 people and was right in the middle of the library. They don't have a seperate room to hold talks, so I was on a stage in the middle. It was an interesting setting.

I have four different programs I have developed as powerpoint slide shows. One on Seminoles or local Seminole/Miccosukee history in general. Then the clothing program, "The best dressed Seminole of Royal Palm Hammock." Then a new program I made this year, which is a history of the Seminoles from postcard images. (I have a good-sized collection of postcards.) And then I have a powerpoint presentation that David Southall put together using several images that I provided, about the history of the Seminole Wars.

My program last night was about an hour, so I guess with all of these presentations, I can talk for several hours if anyone wants to do a talkathon.
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