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Yes, there is such a thing as global warming.

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Anyone who does not think we are going through a climate change has their head stuck in the sand. Not only was 2006 the warmest year on record for the last century, there is melting at both poles, which is greatly endangering the polar bears or orcas.

I am not here to debate if this weather is man-made or not. It could be a natural occurrence. We just don't know. There are also polar thaws going on right now on Mars. The simple fact from observation is that we are going through a climate change.

Last week we had a controlled burn at Fakahatchee, at the bottom of the preserve where it meets the Ten Thousand Islands. We had to shut it down after the test fire ignition, because the smoke headed the wrong way. This was because of a sea breeze that directed the smoke towards hwy 41. This afternoon sea breeze is something that happens in summer, and is not suppose to happen in January. The past week we have had temps up in the mid-80s, more like summer. January is not suppose to have temps that high for so long a period. We had colder weather in November than December and January.

Our government denies that global warming is taking place. They don't want the masses to panic. Some scientific studies deny that it is taking place, but who do they have sign their paychecks? The government, of course. All the evidence of simple observations should show us that the planet is heating up.

As humans, we are the only species that suck the natural resources out of the earth and turn them into poison. Even if you suck out 1/1000th of a golf ball, the ball will no longer fly straight. Are we doing the same to the Earth?

For those of you who deny there is global warming, you need to face reality.
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