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The Florida Frontier Gazette

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Let me tell you about two friends of mine, Elizabeth Neily and Hermann Trappman. Besides being among the very best of Florida living history interpreters, for the past few years, they have published an astounding publication called the Florida Frontier Gazette (FFG.)

Each issue of the FFG is stuffed full of articles on Florida history, written by some famous Florida historians, authors, artists, and researchers. Contributing authors include Dr. Jerald Milanich, Canter Brown, Jr., or artist Theodore Morris. If you have any collection on Florida history, you will at least have a book by one of these authors. Articles cover every area of Florida history and prehistory in the last 15,000 years.

This publication is so much a joy for Elizabeth and Hermann to put together. They don’t get any money off of it—it is all for the love of Florida history passed on to the next generation. They had to stop a few years ago because they simply ran out of money to publish it.

"Flint Knapppers" by Hermann Trappman, scanned from an issue of the FFG.

I hope Hermann doesn’t mind me promoting his artwork. It is simply amazing. He mostly does aboriginal people like the Tocobaga or Calusa. And he captures the very essence of who these people were. The subjects in the picture are living, breathing people. Look at this picture above, titled “Flint Knappers.” To me, these are real, animated people. The expression on their faces; the activity going on in the painting. I feel like I know these people, that I want to jump right in and join them, work with them or have a conversation with them. I enjoy Hermann’s work very much.

This is "Early Morning Light" by Hermann Trappman. The mother is building up the fire in the morning, while her child looks like he wants to help. These people come to life through Hermann's paintings.

Visit the Florida Frontier website and subscribe to the quarterly Gazette. http://www.FloridaFrontier.com (You can also buy copies of Hermann's painting here.)

Unfortunately for the Gazette and us, grant funding for the Gazette has dropped substantially this year. They are having a fundraiser in September and need to raise at least $5,000 to continue the publication this next year. The fundraiser will be September 16th, at “Indian Stuff,” 1064 4th Street N., St. Petersburg. Check out the website because I am sure that they will list more information. Activities will include Florida Music, Storytelling, and a Silent Auction.
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On June 19th, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Very good; I like it.
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