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Great Florida Cattle Drive 2006

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I had to work this weekend, so I missed this event.

Actually, I was invited to three different events that happened this past weekend, and had to miss them all because I was working when there were too many campers in the park to get out of it. Also, my truck just got a repair bill for $1345.00, so I am not going anywhere else this month except Dade. And not going much anywhere else for several months either. My budget is broke and it looks like I will not be making many appearances this next reenactment season.

Enough bad news. On to the topic.

The cattle drive was a week long event that ended in Keanansville, a small spot on the map in Osceola County. So small that it isn't worth the time to find a map to check the spelling of the name. But it has a great steak restaurant.

Earl reports that there were about 400 cattle brought in by the Seminole tribe, and rounded up by about 500 plus cracker cattle hunters, who worked in teams so everyone got a chance to drive the cattle. All with whips, and no lassos. About 3000 people present at the end. Eight living history camps. So it was a big success and everyone had a great time.

Okay, I am tired and it is time for bed.
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