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Critters vs. Cars update

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Recent stories in the Naples News:

We are in a constant struggle between the critters and the roadway. The critters are always on the losing side, it seems. A few years ago they built a fence along Alligator Alley with some wildlife crossing tunnels to help prevent animal mortality along the highway. It has greatly reduced it, but there is still some mortality. The deer and the gators get loose from the fence, and don't understand that they need to stay off the highway.

Then there is the Tamiami Trail, Highway 41, which goes right through the heart of the Everglades and Big Cypress. There is no fence along the trail, and it is one of the most scenic and beautiful highways in Florida. Unfortunately there are constant deaths from animals along it everyday. I have seen dead bear, otter, bobcats, and many more. Panthers have been killed along there too. (That is the second story below.)

Fortunately, the county has decided not to build a large highway into an area with a lot of animals. County planners have nixed a bypass proposal around Collier-Seminole State Park.


I think the reason they have nixed the project is purely economical. Other roads are taking money, and this bypass project would not have improved anything for traffic. It was an unnecessary road. It would have been built alongside Collier-Seminole State Park has been nixed, where many animal road kills would have resulted. I have seen roadkills here on a daily basis.

This is good news.

Next is the bad news.

A panther was killed on Highway 41, just about five miles where a panther was seen in the park last week. It may have been the same panther because of the short distance.
A single panther can have a range that they roam of 200 square miles. So good chance that it was the same cat.

Then some idiot commented on the Naples News website under the panther story how the scenic highway is preventing off road vehicle access. This is a total misunderstanding. They scenic highway designation has nothing to do with property access. But that is the low mentality mindset of the ATV crowd.
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