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Bad News for Florida Museums and Parks

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The state of Florida in the past year has cut back on jobs involving museums and parks. Just about everyone that I knew in Tallahassee has left or had their jobs abolished.

This is not good for museums, because they rely on government support, and that is the reality of the situation.

All the people who worked under exhibits and interpretation are gone, and their positions have been abolished. The building where they worked is closed and locked, and probably all the property will end up in the dumpster. The state will have to "outsource" exhibit work from now on. That means what they use to pay a state employee $15 an hour to do, will now be outsourced to a consultant for $100 an hour, and who is much less informed on the subject they are working on.

The Bureau of Historic Preservation has lost a lot of people who worked in archeology and historic preservation. From what I heard, currently only one person is working in the artifact storage area, and I expect that the state will try to "dump" the artifacts or get rid of them in some manner.

Remember that this is under the term of the same governor who tried to eliminate the historic site file room and the state library. Florida has one of the best state libraries and historic site file records in the country, and it is very unfortunate to see an attempt to dispose of them.

How will the next governor behave? It is not believed that he will be any different, because he didn't campaign on historic site preservation or support of our museums and parks.

This is a damn shame, because Florida promotes tourism by support of its parks, historic sites, and museums, but these are the things that have been drastically cut from the budget.
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