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Nekkid People

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There are Naked people, and then there are Nekkid people. Naked is people who don't have clothes on. Nekkid is that they don't have clothes on, and they are "up to something."

Working as a park ranger, every park has its stories of "Nekkid" people. Sometimes it is just some European tourists on the beach who don't think there is anything wrong with sunning themselves in the buff, just like back home on the French Riviera. But there are also those stories of people caught who are up to no good. I have a bunch of stories in both the Naked, and Nekkid categories.

This morning I arrived at work early to find that the park manager had been awakened at 6 a.m. by a woman complaining of men and women together in the showers of the women's restroom. I can certainly understand her concern, because in American, it is not acceptable behavior to do it in a public facility. For some reason, this activity has happened a number of times this year in the showers at the campground.

Then later on in the morning I received a complaint of a camper dancing around nekkid in the campsite. Then I found out that it was a young female. Fortunately the local law enforcement quickly arrived to take care of the situation, and the suspect was asked to leave the park. She appeared to be high on alcohol or drugs, and refused to cover herself when asked to do so. From my own experience, most all problems with adults can be linked to alcohol and drugs. There are also delinquent juveniles who break things in the park, and we don't like them either. I think the worst thing that the park system ever did was allow people to have alcohol at campsites. (It is still forbidden in public area.)

I have plenty of "Nekkid" stories to tell, but will not do so on such a public forum. Ask me around the campfire instead. Some are even pretty amusing.

And for some reason, when ever "Nekkid" people are running around the park, it is always on a day when I am assigned to the front gate / front office, so I miss all amusing sights. Oh well; such is my life's lot.
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