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I always try to remember dates in relation to the Seminole War. There is not much in November. December is when the dates really take off, which is why we use Dade Battlefield as our official opening of the reenactment season.

There are two dates for November that I can think of off the top of my head:

Nov. 21, 1836 Battle of Wahoo Swamp

Nov. 28, 1857 Battle of Royal Palm Hammock.
Last battle of the third Seminole War. (Hmmm, next year is the 150th anniversary.)

My website is under repair, but I have written about the Battle of Royal Palm Hammock.

It has been a while since I did any looking into Wahoo Swamp.

One thing about Wahoo Swamp was that it involved a lot of Florida militia, the Creek regiment, and David Moniac was killed there. The Army eventually went across Battle Slough, but I would not really consider it a U.S. victory since nothing was gained by winning the battle. The Seminoles fled the area and evaded capture, and allowed the nearby villages to evacuate. So if that was the purpose of the battle for the Seminoles, I consider their objective met more than the Army. The Army did not stay in the area, did not pursue the Seminoles, and pretty much abandon the campaign after the battle.

General/Governor Richard K. Call failed to chase the Seminoles out of the Cove of the Withlacoochee, which put him at odds with President Jackson. Call was originally a Tennessee Jacksonian that served as a Captain in the Army under the General in First Seminole War, but thrown to the dogs after this failed campaign in 1836. Over the next few months Call spent explaining the hardships he endured and the reasons for the failures of the campaign. He learned what it was like to go from friend and confidant of jackson to being rebuked by him in the newspapers. A letter from Jackson caused outrage among the Floridians when it was printed in Florida newspapers, when jackson said that he could take 50 Tennessee militia and finish the war, and that Florida women should let their husbands die and remarry, so their children won't grow up to be cowards.

But the war would continue, and not be ended that easily.
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