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Living in the Vanishing Natural Florida

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I have been camping all my life. It must be in my blood. I try to live within the natural surroundings, not in spite of it.
Now I work at a park with a campground, and people who camp here have a different way of camping. They camp with spotlights that would be perfect for lighting up a runway or motor homes bigger than St. Peter's Cathedral. I guess they never grew up the way I did.
I have been wandering out in the woods ever since I was able to walk. I was a charter member of Troop 625 in Maitland , Florida (Also known as the “River Rats.”) I still come and visit the old troop when in town. The kids like to joke about how I “live in a van down by the river living off government cheese.” And to show they are not too far from the truth, this is where I lived in the great wilderness of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve.

Not much to it, but I really enjoyed living out there. I would see deer, numerous birds, bobcats, or other critters on a daily basis. The natural sights and sounds that I experienced at night were amazing. The trailer is gone now, and all the abandon trailers nearby, to make way for the Everglades Restoration plan.
Oh, and this was where the power and water came from:

And an interesting old swamp buggy out back that had tracks around the tires.

And with all the trailers and buildings gone, it sure is beautiful out there. I was there yesterday, and saw deer, birds such as limpkins, white and blue herons, little green herons, kingfishers, and hawks. Gators, turtles, and tracks from an otter. I would say the animals like it out there.
But as far as camping goes, the more primitive, the better.
Of many times I have camped alone at night, I have had numerous visits by many different critters, identified and unidentified. I have had a skunk run by my feet, Florida panthers snarl at me, or a pack of coyotes come by. And other things that were much more interesting.
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