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Event Date Correction

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I just received the latest newsletter from the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum.

The American Indian Arts Celebration has changed to the weekend of November 10th to 12th.
It was previously the third weekend in the month. I was looking at the old flyer from earlier that year when I put down the date.

Second weekend in November is actually better, in my opinion. Third weekend is too close to Thanksgiving and might not draw as many people. The 10th to 12th might have more people since it is also a holiday weekend (Veteran's Day), but one where people like to go on short trips.

Any of you from the Southeastern Culture Society coming down are welcome to stay at my house, although I will be working that weekend and you will have to find your own way in and out. I am only 75 miles from Big Cypress Rez, but that is considered close-by for here. There are no traffic lights between here and there, the speed limit is vague, and you avoid the toll booth on Alligator Alley.
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