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Ideas for Seminole War Tours

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Last week, one thing that Bill Steele said was that you could create a Seminole War tour, going from Okeechobee, to Riverbend Park (Battle of Loxahatchee) to Treetop Park in Davie (Battle of Pine Ridge.)

This is the kind of thing that I kept in mind when I created my website 10 years ago, with a county-to-county description of what is available to see.

Then there was the brochure, the Trail of Lost Tribes, listing about 20 different mounds and museums you can visit.

For Seminole War tours, you could also start from Tampa, at the Fort King garage, and go north. Stop off at Fort Foster and the site of Fort Dade, to Dade Battlefield, and to Fort King. At Dade Battlefield you could take a side tour through Wahoo to Fort Cooper. Maybe hit Fort Izard on the Withlacoochee. And from Fort King, go up highway 441 to Micanopy.

Not all these places are developed as a big tourist spot, but there are historical markers.

For a 1st Seminole War tour, you can go from Old Town, to Fort San Marcos, down to Fort Gadsden, and over to Pensacola to Fort Barrancas. Maybe a side trip into Georgia to Fort Recovery and Fort Scott. And I might also want to include the Letchworth Mounds because Lake Miccosukee is nearby. Tallahassee has several sites, but those are 2nd Seminole War.

History America once conducted tours like this. They had the Seminole War tour about once a year. I haven't heard of them recently and don't know if they still do it. Then again, I have moved about seven times since and they have probably lost contact with me. I am not the easiest person to find.

There are plenty of possibilities here. In 20 years, I am not sure if I have visited them all either.
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