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I missed the Marion County Museum Fort King Festival on Saturday because I had to go up to Palatka on some family business. Palatka is a historic town that has history that dates all the way back to Spanish territorial days. The area is rich in Seminole and Civil War history. And for modern post-WW2 era, there is Angel's Diner a few blocks from the St. Johns River bridge.

At my cabin in the woods, I only get one or sometimes two tv stations. So when I go to my parent's house, I do a lot of channel surfing to see what is new on tv. That right there is a good reason why I should never get cable or satellite, because I will be watching too much tv. I am totally disgusted with the news on tv up in the Orlando area, because it is nothing but tabloid and tragedy tv. All you see for news is about some woman who went psycho and killed her kids or something like that. No wonder my parents are watching BBC for their news.

As much as building and @sshole drivers that I experienced all over the state, the worst thing that upset me about the trip is the abundance of exotic, non-native plants along the highway that are taking over.

Oh, and one final comment: Looks like Dinosaur World at exit 17 on I-4 near Plant City has cleaned up and repainted the dinosaurs. Looks like something worth taking the kids to visit.
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