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The space shuttle is supposed to fly over on the landing pattern in a few minutes. It should wake everyone up in town if it is close to us.

This Saturday is the Fort King Festival at the Marion County Museum of History in Ocala. That is off of Fort King St. near the corner of 25th Ave, behind the McPherson Govt Complex. It is a one-day event only.

The last couple weeks we have been working on the campground. Mostly trimming trees so people can slide their humongous motor homes into our campsites. I have been running around trying to transplant bromeliads and an orchid that have come down with the branches. We even had to take out a few trees.

I really encourage people to camp out and get closer to the natural environment. But some of these motor homes are getting ridiculously huge. Our campground was built in the 1940s, and was not really designed to hold such big behemoths. These people are not here to enjoy the environment or outdoors, and can do just as well in the middle of a parking lot. So now you have people that are jammed in there with these huge buses, and complaining that the campsites are too small. The tent campers hate to be squeezed between these, and complain too.

This is typical of modern man. The environment has not changed, but we are demanding more space and cutting back all the natural areas that people use to come out here to enjoy. Mankind seems pretty selfish to me.
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