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Of bloated bowles, bears, and battles

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Saturday night I had some Chinese food that I should have stayed away from. When the beef and broccoli smelled like shrimp, I should have taken a hint. But I payed for my mistake on the next day. So I canceled going to Orlando because I cannot survive the five hour drive. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and coming back from California, but held over in Nashville. So I would not have seen them tonight until very late.

So instead, I was at home trying to get over the sick and bloated feeling. We had a very strong afternoon shower, when I was looking out the back window. A very large black bear came up to the side of the house and disappeared back into the hammock. Marvelous!

September 18th is the 170th anniversary of the Battle of San Felasco north of Gainesville. Since it was mainly involved militia, you don't read much about it. About 125 volunteer soldiers with 25 regular artillery left Newnansville to search for Seminoles in the area. They came upon about 300 Seminole entrenched in a hammock. About an hour and a half battle ensued, and twice the Seminoles tried to overrun the howitzer, which is a tactic they did not normally practice. After heavy fighting, the soldiers routed the Seminoles and pursued them for about a mile and a half before they disappeared. No soldiers killed, five wounded, and an unknown number of Seminoles were wounded by disappeared from the battlefield.

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