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Alligator Fest

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I received some more information on Alligator Fest in Lake City in October. It is too far away for me, being at the bottom of Florida almost. But I know some other folks who will be there.

Subject: Alligator Fest
Enjoyed your web site but thought I should add the dates of the Fest in Lake City in case you may not be aware of it. It will be held Oct. 13,14,15 and we are trying to gather enough troops and Indians to have a skirmish Sat.PM. The rest of the weekend will be living history, demonstrations,alligator wrestling,native American dances,etc. All interested parties should contact Bud Thayer at iriver007@bellsouth.net or Steve Knight at colstevenknight@hotmail.com. Thanks, Bud Thayer

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On September 10th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
i thought i had gotten you the info? sorry about that. i have the flyer right here. if you want more details on alligator fest, let me know. also, i think i updated the october page for my upcoming events pages. check out my website and let me know if i am missing anything. i am in the middle of updating the events right now, so you may notice two different formats on the pages. this should be fixed soon.
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