Safety at Events

For those of you participating in the two different Seminole War reenactments this weekend, have fun, and I hope your festivals are successful and nobody gets hurt. I will not be there for very specific reasons.

And specifically; my background as a former safety supervisor with the state parks has made me a marked man and libel if anything goes wrong at your festival.

Back starting in 2007, when I worked for the Florida State Parks, I was a participant with establishing the blackpowder safety standards and rules developed for the reenactments and living history programs. The state parks have a written policy and guidebook that is published for all to see. The manuals of Florida State Parks Historic Weapons Firing Safety Program cover either muskets and small arms, or artillery. And I was very proud to be a Safety Supervisor at various events at state parks for a few years.

Although I no longer work for the state parks, I still have the manuals of the safety program we developed. It has changed for later time periods, but I agree with the program that we developed for our antebellum period. 

If there is an event that does not have a written policy or safety standard, and there is an accident, every reenactor is libel. That means that is someone is hurt or killed during a reenactment, the lawyers can sue every reenactor present. Everyone is responsible for safety at the event. And I would be particularly libel, as a former safety supervisor who helped establish a safety program for historical state parks. If an event where I was participating at did not have the same safety standards that the state parks had, the lawyers could argue that I should have compelled the event organizers to establish a system of standards, or at least have a written standard.

And I agree. These events should have a written safety plan that mirrors what is done with the state parks. Please stay safe, folks! Otherwise, you are just an accident away from lawsuit where everyone gets sued, including the event organizers and all the reenactors.


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