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I have a Youtube channel "SeminoleWar".

I had to close the comment section on one of my videos on the origin of the Seminoles. I was receiving these annoying comments from this guy who insists the Seminoles are one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. There are several cults that are spreading this idea around recently. I find this amusing since this was an idea used by white supremacists in the 19th century to force removal on the Native tribes. Yet now, most of the groups who are proponents of this idea are black. Offshoots of the Moor groups, or Empire of Washita group. I find it ridiculous because the traditions of the Seminole and Miccosukee people are at least twice as old as anything in the Bible. I have been told some of these stories that go back to the Ice Age, and even seen some of these objects they carry that are centuries old.

Here is what I added to one of my videos, but this is the full comment:

Sorry that I had to close down the comments. It was hoped that it would be open as a forum for people asking questions on the subject, but it wasn’t so.

What I present here is from my knowledge on the subject from years of not only research, but knowing the Seminole and Miccosukee people themselves. I have lived most of my life in Florida, lived in south Florida along the Tamiami Trail for ten years where my neighbors were Miccosukees and Seminoles, and my mother was also an anthropologist in Florida. This is not something I know from a brief exposure, but from cultural immersion. This is a subject I know well, as well as a huge library on the subject.

Living in Florida and being among the people, and being in the historic places, these cultures and traditions are real to me as well. The Seminole stories, culture and traditions, are tangible things. They are to be respected and honored. That is why we do not appreciate someone coming from the outside and telling us that we are wrong; that is offensive.

The culture is centered around the community. It is the southeastern ceremonial tradition that is centuries old. People may claim to be Seminole, or Creek, or Cherokee. But if they do not hold these traditions and are not part of the community, then they are not Seminoles or Creeks as far as we are concerned.

When I receive comments from people out in California who are not members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida; who have no connection with the people or tribe, and who state their opinion of the origin of the Seminoles out of their religious beliefs; I could care less what they think. Go make your own video on YouTube; there are plenty out there. Why, I just saw one that claims that the Seminoles were one of the lost Tribes of Israel, and that the Angel of God was coming down in a UFO to destroy the United States. That is Utter Foolishness! I get these people emailing me on a fairly regular basis, and you can see why I don’t care what they say. I think they are just insane and need to be locked away!

Thank You!
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