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Quick update

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I am on the move and wanted to post a quick update.

The Seminole War Commemoration in St. Augustine will be August 15th, but the deadline to register for the lunch and the talk and social Friday night is July 31st. Go to our Seminole Wars facebook page for the flyers.

The parade on Saturday at 10 a.m. and the following ceremony are free and open to the public. The lunch afterwards needs registration because we need to know how many chickens to slay.

But more important, we have Major Dade's sponge staff!

This is the actual artifact used by Major Dade's men to operate the cannon at Dade's battle, on that fateful date on December 28th, 1835. Held by several soldiers who would die soon after. Maybe even still soaked in their blood. Picked up at the battle site eight weeks later, this artfact became the piece that started the Army museum system.

Not on display to the public, Dade's sponge staff is on temporary loan from West Point and will be on display at St. Francis Barracks on August 15th, the day of our ceremony in St. Augstine. This may be the only time you get to see this valuable relic from the Second Seminole War. If you miss out, then sorry!
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